Case Study: St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center (Q1 2023)

Concierge: Ashley Valentin

Patient’s Age: 75 years old

Admission Date: 2/8/23

Discharge Date: 3/31/23

Discharged to: Home

Length of Stay: 31 days

Reason for Stay: Decline in all ADL’s

How did this patient hear about St. James? From the social worker from the hospital. Told him about our comprehensive amputee rehab program

Details of Experience:

Mr. Pawluk underwent a right below-knee amputation in August 2022 at Mather Hospital. He was discharged and was receiving physical and occupational therapy at home however, he wasn’t making much progress. He went to St. Charles Hospital for a decline in all activities of daily living (ADLs). The social worker at St. Charles suggested he go to St. James rehab since they have a comprehensive amputee rehab program. He reviewed the St. James rehab website and decided it was the place for him.

Within 24 hours, Mr. Pawluk met with his care team. Within 48 hours, Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler from CareRite’s Comprehensive Amputee Rehab Program met with him and the rehab team. The Comprehensive Amputee Rehab Program is an in-house program that builds off everything the amputee learns during their rehabilitation stay. The training program is run by Dennis and Todd and takes our patients to the next level of their life skill goals. The program was founded by Todd and Dennis, who were 3-time Paralympic gold medalists in 1988.

When Mr. Pawluk saw them and was working with them, Mr. Pawluk stated, “They give me so much motivation. I know there is hope, and I will be able to walk like them soon.” Mr. Pawluk worked so hard every day he came in needing 50% assistance for transfer and was walking 30ft. He was discharged needing less than 5% assistance to transfer and is walking over 200 ft with little to no assistance. Not only did Mr. Pawluk meet his goals. He also made new friends in the four-bedded room he was in. They were so happy for him to be discharged home and were able to have a strong connection and help each other through the process.

As the concierge assisted him with his discharge, Mr. Pawluk stated, “I can’t wait to come back here and mentor other patients who are just like me and let them know it will all work out. I had so much support from the therapy team, the comprehensive team, the concierge, and the administrator. I can’t thank all of them enough.”