“To Olivia, Monica, Valeria, and all of the aides, Chrissie, Mike, Tim and other nurses. I say thank you very much for all the care and help you gave me while I was recovering from my fractured hip at St. James Rehab Center during Dec. 2023 and Jan. 2024.

To Leslie, Christine and all others who worked so hard and patiently with me at PT and OT to help me get back on my feet after fractured hip surgery, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks. Thanks also to April and others who work in housekeeping who work hard on keeping the place clean.”

With Gratitude,
— DiSalvator

“Dear Cristen and the entire St. James team,

Irwin thrived in the creative, loving, and caring environment that you provided. His medical needs were met with expertise and he was shown patience and care, even on his rare “off” days. The programs you provided lifted his spirits and made him laugh. The fact that everyone knew him as a person was so meaningful to his well-being and mine.

I know that when I wasn’t there, he was safe and loved. St. James is a great facility, second best to one’s own home. We can never thank you enough. Irwin is doing well and remembers everyone at St. James with a smile. A big thank you a huge hug to all.

Love, Carol and Irwin B.”


“I can’t thank everyone enough for everything they’ve done for me.” – Joan A.


My name is Helaine Bernstein and my dad, Stanley Weber, was a resident at St. James from July – October of this year. He had a feeding tube when he arrived. Rachel Palladino worked with my dad until he was able to swallow and eat soft foods again. She did a great job of getting him to this point, while also being cautious and not doing too much too soon.  Rachel was very patient in explaining her plan and his progress to us. Dad is enjoying eating some of his favorite foods again and so we are very grateful to Rachel.

Josh and Noelle, physical and occupational therapists, also worked hard to help him regain his strength. My dad is able to be back in his house because of the their efforts. The aids, especially Desiree, were very kind to us during my dad’s stay. Thank you for taking care of him.” – The Weber Family

“I am feeling so much better since I came in last week. I am enjoying therapy and am so grateful for what everyone does here for the patients. I would definitely recommend this place to someone.” – Patricia M.

“So far I love it here. Everyone has been super nice and helpful, and I am happy to have chosen this place. All I want to do is get better and go back home to cook for my community.” – Vincent E.

“Words cannot describe the ambition, drive, and support that St. James has provided me. The team here works so well together and they all have the goal of helping their patients become healthy again, for that, I thank you! You have always made this an enjoyable and well-respected experience.” – Thomas S.

“The care is good here, the residents are such beautiful people. The staff here knows how to take care of you. We have such an amazing time with all the many different things for you to do here. I am truly cared for here, and St. James is always meeting my needs. I’ve made such amazing friends here and I am happy to be here.” – Teddy G.

“I think it’s a very nice place. I have such really nice friends here, and I get to participate in all the wonderful activities they have to offer. It’s even better when your family member gets to participate with you in the activities. I cannot say anything bad about it here, it’s a very nice place to live. I also get the best care!” – Caroline A.

“I started working here at the age of 21 and I am going on 54 years of age today. I’ve loved every year here, I have learned my work ethics from all the wonderful employees that I have seen come and go. Since CareRite has taken over, I have seen the community flourish and take to new heights.” – Gina T.

“The help here is very friendly. It’s always so nice to make friends here and to have the people you meet become such good friends. The nurses here are always busy, yet no matter what, they still treat us with tender love and care with a smile on their faces.  I love the fact that we get all these different movie selections here and the food here is really good; I have no complaints. In fact, I always tell the chef what a great job he does and it makes him feel good.” – Irwin B.

“I love it here. Everyone treats me with such care and love; that is why I am getting better so quickly. The people and the food are wonderful. I am so blessed to be in such a great place.” – Blanche P.

“I love everyone here, I am trying my hardest to do everything that is asked of me through rehab. Everyone in rehab are so kind. I truthfully enjoy the many recreational activities here, such as tranquility hour; it is so peaceful and allows me to be in a positive state-of-mind. Thank you Team St. James for all that you do for me here, the staff couldn’t be more helpful.” – Ann W.

“I was here very long ago for my mother and I have to say, St. James has come a long way. The community is so well kept, staff are wonderful, and there is always something to do. Keep up the great work here, Team St. James!”

“I know a lot of people always feel like once they get here, they want to rush home. But not me, I want to stay as long as I can. St. James is wonderful and full of great energy, you can really tell how the staff comes together to make sure every patient is successfully satisfied.”  -Kathleen T.

“St. James is a wonderful place for rehabilitation. The staff here goes above and beyond to help me with anything and everything I need. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are amazing in every way. They never push you but they are always encouraging me. Soon enough I will be able to be back in my home, doing all the things I used to. I used to walk the neighborhood with my friends and their furry pets, and I know I am that much closer to being able to get back to that.” – Audrey Kellner

“My mother is a patient here for rehab, and what everyone does here is absolutely amazing. From the nurses, to the aides, down to all the therapy and activities that are offered here, I come everyday and it is so nice to see how much my mother increases each day. I am St. James’ biggest advocate, I am always telling people out in the community how great of a rehabilitation this place is.” – Phil Castelli”

“My husband came to St.James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center on May 27, 2017. He was not in the best condition, he could barely get himself out of bed. My husband has kidney and congestive heart failure. While in your care here, I have noticed a drastic change for the better. He has the best physical and occupational therapists anyone can ask for. They have him able to walk with assistance, and of course and has given him the encouragement along with strength to keep on going. I visit about four times a week and am able to utilize all the other actives you all have to offer. Not only is my husband getting the physical help, he is reciving the mental help as well. My family and I are very happy with him here and he has become very well adjusted to St. James.”- Laura Erikson

“Urban Zen is my saving grace. It is what saved me when I came here. I know that inner healing is just as important as outer healing.” – Alba I.

“Working at St. James is a positive and rewarding experience.”- Team member

“Everyone knows me here. It was like homecoming when I came back here.”

“I can see where the star ratings come from. This place is beautiful!”

“I wake up and love coming to work in the morning.” – Team member

“There wasn’t just one person that made my stay here so great. Everyone here works as a team and you all have done such an amazing job.”

“Everything here is very comfortable and presented well.”

“I really liked everyone in the community that works here and I enjoyed their company. They are the reasons why I wanted to come back here.”

“I can’t wait to move into my newly designed room, it looks so pretty.” – Bernice K.

“I have been here rehabbing to be able to go home, and they have been so solid in getting me on my feet. They are the best staff.” – David M.

“Coming up to rehab every day, I know they are going to work me hard to get me better.”
– Eugene S.

“I absolutely love Urban Zen, they always come in and make sure I am set. It calms me a lot and makes me feel good.” – William T.

“I am so happy! I came in on a tight rehab schedule because I wanted to be home in time to dance for my grandson’s wedding. I will be attending it on Sunday.” – Josephine L.

“I enjoy feeding the birds with the recreation ladies, it feels so nice to do it together.” – Cathy S.

“I like the rehab group very much! They have been so supportive of me.”
– William H.

“I love all the décor of the building, especially the fresh flowers they always have in the lobby. The whole place is so nice.” – Bernice K.

“Thank you so much for always stopping by and seeing how I am doing. You and the administrator are such gentlemen and always ask how I am.” – Alice R.

“I loved it here, the people who work here always smile and do their job great. I bought all of them flowers and planted some vegetables here to come back and take care of.” – Max F.

“I thank the employees here for always helping me and making sure I am taken care of.” – Bernice K.

“I have been here before, and every time I come, the smiles everyone has on makes me happy to be here.”– Ilona H.

“Anthony from therapy gets my mom out of bed and encourages her to do all the therapy she can. She is on pace to get home faster than expected.” – Family member

“I was here years ago, but the building has changed so much. It is happy and the place is beautiful.” – Reggie L. (visitor)

“I enjoy being here. I am going home today. You guys have done wonders for me. Thank you all for everything. I am walking out the front door.” – Annie M.

The rehab, the nursing, and the grounds are all great. They always help me with what I need to make sure I am taken care of. I tell everyone I know about this place. I am a big fan.” – David M.

“I cannot wait to see the new rooms. The second floor is beautiful and I cant wait to see how the first floor comes out.” – Mary L.

“I enjoy the religious services, especially Mass. I really, really like the food here, it’s better than home.” – Teresa C.

“Thank you for taking such good care of me and allowing me to feel at home. I will miss you guys.” – Beatrice K.

“I loved the July 4th barbecue, it was so much fun and the singing was great; St. James always has the best events!” – Louise T.

“The LPN and C.N.A’s are so caring, and the RN’s know so much, they make me feel everything is going to be okay.” – Louise C.

“I am going home tomorrow. I came in virtually a cripple, and now I am doing great. When they gave me the list at the hospital, I said I only want St. James because it is a five star kind of place. I am so happy I came. I will be coming back to volunteer.” – Norman D.

“The rehab team is so nice, and the building is beautiful.” – Thelma T.

“You are all so lovely, I enjoy the café so much.” -Jody R.

“Seeing the way the whole staff feels so much better even a week and a half after nursing home week is so nice. Everyone feels so supported.” – Danielle S.

“I really enjoy Anthony from therapy, he always pushes me to do the perfect amount of exercise and now I am almost ready to go home. I couldn’t have done it without him.” -Rick T.

“This [national nursing home] week has been so special, all the residents and all the staff have had smiles on their faces the whole week. The Olympics were so great, the teddy bears were adorable, and boy did I love the open house. I want this every week.” – Jody M.

“This week has been wonderful. It’s so nice to feel appreciated by administration and the entire CareRite family. I can’t thank you enough.” -Tina J.

“I just love the therapy staff; they always make sure I do the best I can to get better.” – Lorraine L.

“There is nothing better then the music activity you have at nights.” -Rich P.

“It was a pleasure to see you guys; I was here a while ago, and it is nice to be back with people who care for you.” – Robert S.

“The rehab department always push me in the best way to get better” -Tony M.

“So far, you guys have been very kind to me and my roommate, whenever we need something we get service with a smile.” -E. Saks

“The rehab people are so pleasant and are really helping me get better.” -J. Desaro

“I love this place, my husband comes to visit every day and he even has made friends with some of you guys. You are all so nice and kind, and helped my rehabilitation process get better.” – C. Burrows

“The rehab team is so nice, they keep pushing me to work out more to get better quick.” – C. Andersen

“I really enjoy your whole staff, and the hallways and rooms are so pretty. When I needed to go for rehab, I am so happy I chose here.” – J. Shroek

“Everyone is so nice, in all departments. But let me tell you, my aides are amazing to me, they treat me so nicely and I feel okay asking them for anything.” – J. Germano

“The staff here is so kind and nice to me.” – D. Feder

“I will miss you guys, you are so nice, and the gym is beautiful.” – G. Boyle

“I love St James, I tell all my friends to come here. The staff is so kind and the facility is so nice.” – C. Burrows

“I needed rehab again, and I told them that the only place I would go is St. James Rehab. You guys took care of me before and my husband, you are the best.” -L. Larsen

“I really enjoy rehab, Joe is so nice.”-E. Towne

“I am happy to be back at St James. It has been over a year since I was last here, I am so happy to see the staff here like taking care of the patients and stay here for a long time.”-T. Browne

“I enjoy working here, the directors are so nice and I look forward to coming into work each day.” -L. Ventura

“I love the therapy, they are so nice to me. I usually like to make trouble but they take such good care of me they make it hard to make trouble.” -R. Lindenfeld

“I am happy to see such happy faces, everyone is so nice.” -J. Illari

“Avi always helps me if it is too hot or cold, or any other issues I may have. Him and all the people in administration listen.” – E. Bilski

“The friendship between the staff and the patients are very nice. They really do care and everyone smiles.” – J. Fioto

“This place is so good, the rooms are clean and odor free, and the therapy is wonderful. I looked forward to going every day.” -R. Hansen

“This place is just wonderful! The staff is so nice and rehab is wonderful. Everyone is wonderful.” -P. Pasquariello

“I thoroughly enjoy working here. The staff is all so friendly with the patients. While the patients may stay for only a few weeks, the bonds formed at St. James last far longer.” – A.Goldstein

“This whole place is wonderful. I can’t pinpoint one department, because they are all so nice and kind. If someone has anxiety about what is going on, they talk to them softly and put their hand on their shoulder and tell them everything will be alright. Just such nice good people you have here.” -M. Peterford

“The people here are so nice. I was rehabilitated here a few months ago and went home. They do so much good that I come back to volunteer.” -M. Doris (volunteer)

“I am happy to be back here, the staff is so nice and therapy is great.” – J. Fioto

“The rehab department here is the best I have ever seen. They help me so much and keep me on my toes. I hope to get better and go home soon.” – M Voelpel

“I love this place. The therapists are amazing and the nurses are so nice. All the staff smiles and is easy to talk to. I am so happy I am here.” – S. Comito

“The administration here is very kind and giving. They always talk to the families and are very generous in making sure everyone gets what they need.” –G. Francios (Staff)

“The rehab team here is great, they help me get better and hopefully get back to myself.” -J. Richetti

“This place is great, all the staff always smiles at me and the aides always help.”- J. Mazie

“The therapy is so wonderful, they are the most superb I have ever seen.”– L. Aronowitz

“The care here, especially nursing and therapy is wonderful. They never miss a beat.” – J. Mcgee

“I like this place and I would recommend it to everyone.” – B. Kluse

“The rehab here is very good, they always drive me to be better.”
– J. Richetti

“This place is so nice. The renovations are beautiful and all the staff is so happy and kind. I cannot thank you guys enough, it is just wonderful.” -A. O’Connell

“The rehab team here is great. They always make sure I feel good and take care of the exercise I need to take care of. They always make me happy.” –I. Kramer

“When I came to St James, I didn’t know what to expect. I was greeted by friendly and caring people. St James is like a high-end hotel. The staff were great in taking care of me, the food was good tasting, and the physical therapy was great.” – J. Sepe

“The therapy was wonderful with PT and OT. The best part was creative arts with the music and aromas, it helped me express any emotions I was feeling.” – M. Hotop

“I like the situation here very much. The nurses and aides are great. The therapy is wonderful, and I just love the creative arts therapy and aromatherapy ladies. They are so kind and nice.”
– L. Troisi

“I came here to St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center for short term rehabilitation and found myself very anxious with my health circumstances. I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from going to creative arts therapy programming. It has been my salvation here during my stay. Before I met the art therapists, I was anxious but now I am able to feel calmer and more relaxed. I’m more hopeful about my progress and what they are teaching me.” – E. Streble

“I love this place. My wife was here, and you guys got her back on her feet and back home. Now I am here and am confident you will get me back to my home as well. The nurses here care so much, and the therapists and great. Every staff member cares so much. I love this place.” – R. Larsen

“This place is wonderful. All the people who work here take care of me with a smile and are nice to me. I love it here.”– A. Mario

“This place is great! I thought therapy was good stuff, nursing always took care of me, and Avi gave me great cookies and hot pretzels. I recommend St James to anyone who needs rehab and has a goal to go home.” – J. Powers

“From the minute I came in, everyone smiled and treated me so well. The staff is very pleasant, and they treat you like they have known you for years.” – M. Doris

“I love this place, they got me stronger and on my feet so I can go home. The creative arts therapy sessions were amazing for me. I learned how to breathe and calm myself, and how to develop my thoughts and feelings.” – S. Zacharia

“The guys in therapy are the best, I am walking already. I never thought I would walk again. The nurses and aides always help me – I am happy here.” – N. Loggozzo

“I visit twice a week to volunteer. You guys have done so much for me, I come to volunteer to pay you guys back, and give the experience to others just like I had.” -M. Doris

“The Nurses and aides are very nice, the rehab is really good. The food is good, and the grounds are just really good, I have only positive things to say.” – J. Salg

“I told them [the hospital] if I can’t go to St James, I am going home. This place is the best rehabilitation center in the world.”
– D. Mays

“I love St. James, the Rehab and Creative Arts therapy is what kept me sane throughout my healing process.”
– J. Turner

“This place is very nice, everyone here is kind and smiles a lot. They are also very helpful.”
– E. Jakubowski

“Spirit Week was exceptional, between everything that happened, it was the best week ever. The staff and residents loved the Olympics, and the appreciation lunch and BBQ was very touching.” -Graham Jean-François, staff

“The week’s activities were really appreciated. It was so nice that you guys had raffles and gave away big cash prizes. Every day was something else that was fun and exciting. I still feel the excitement from everyone.” – David Mays, resident