Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy helps to facilitate the integration of one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In sharing our life experiences, we find a path towards healing, wellness, recovery, and transformation. Goals target individual needs using a variety of modalities including the following: art, movement, music, sensory integration, aromatherapy, meditation, guided imagery, and relaxation techniques. In the safety of the art room environment, Art Therapists at St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center encourage individuals to use their artist within to foster health, communication, and expression. Art Therapists are dedicated to the belief that the creative process involved in creating art and the response to this process is healing and life enhancing, further rehabilitating the whole person.

Did you know that…

Art Therapy is one of the disciplines of the Creative Arts Therapies practice based on the knowledge of human developmental and psychological theories. Other disciplines include the following: Dance, Music, Poetry, and Drama Therapy.

Art Therapy

1:1 and group sessions provided by professional Art Therapists to enhance emotional well-being through the use of creative expression.


With the newest technology, a vast selection of music is provided to enhance well-being and recovery.

Meditative Breathing

As well known practice using breathing techniques to reduce blood pressure, oxygenate and increase circulation promoting, clarity, and peace.

Guided Visualization

A safe and powerful imagery technique that can be used for healing, stress relief and personal development.

Art Media

An array of art supplies are utilized to explore creative expression in a safe and encouraging environment.


Individual remedies are created to promote physical and emotional well-being, offering an atmosphere to relax and balance the body, lower anxiety and stimulate clarity of mind.