Happy Halloween with Mills Pond Elementary

Caroline Agnew, currently a patient at St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, served up the treats as she welcomed costumed fifth graders from Mills Pond Elementary on Halloween!  Caroline, who has lived in the town of St. James for 33 years, has the unique distinction of having worked as the Admissions Officer for what was then St. James Nursing Home (and is now St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center)  when it opened its doors in 1970. She served in this capacity until 1981.  Caroline also volunteered at St. James Lutheran School (which is now Mills Pond Elementary) from 1983-1987, working with second, third and fourth graders.  Caroline also has fond memories of working in the aftercare program at Mills Pond Elementary from 2001-2003. Caroline’s volunteerism continued as she generously shared her time and talents in the arts & crafts program at St. James Rehabilitation Center for several years beginning in 2001.

In this photo, Caroline proudly displays her ongoing spirit of volunteerism while brightening the day for the wonderful fifth graders of Mills Pond Elementary! Caroline states, “I had a lot of different jobs over the years. The kids I worked with were so lovable. You got to know them and to love them!”