Case Study: St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center (September 2017)

Patients Age: 85
Admission Date: June 23, 2017
Admissions From: John T. Mather Memorial Hospital
Discharge Date:
Discharge To: Home
Length of Stay: 100 days
Reason for Stay: Parkinson’s Disease
How did this person hear about St. James: Social Work Department at Mather Memorial Hospital

Mr. Donald Franks arrived to St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center on June 23, 2017 from an inpatient hospitalization at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital in Port Jefferson, New York. Mr. Franks was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease years ago. As years passed by, he noticed that his balance was decreasing, making it difficult for his stability. Unfortunately, the unsteady gait of Mr. Franks caused him to sustain multiple falls at home, raising the need for continued medical attention.

After a successful visit from his healthcare physician, Mr. Franks was notified that he would need extensive inpatient rehabilitation to support his muscular strength and balancing techniques in order to return home on his own. While at Mather Memorial Hospital, a social worker approached Mr. Franks and his family, highly recommending St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. Meanwhile, his daughter, Mary, took matters into her own hands researching the list of skilled nursing facilities capable of providing his level of care. She came to realize that after all her tours and visits, the social worker from Mather Memorial was precise in terms of his recommendation. Mr. Donald Franks and his daughter selected St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in result of an appreciated community tour and long-lasting tradition of excellence.

Mr. Franks was ardently greeted by multiple professionals of Team St. James whom anticipated his arrival. Within the first 24 hours, he was greeted by clinicians, therapists, physicians, administrative staff and many other valued representatives of the team to welcome him and answer any questions that he or his family may have had. His physical and occupational therapists Melanie, Jamie, and April, began his therapy program at beside to evaluate his current state of health and mobility in conjunction with his most recent therapy/clinical notes from Mather Memorial.

Over the course of only a few weeks, he has progressed rather quickly. While on his rehab program, Donald worked to build his endurance and perfect his movement techniques. His goal of walking 100 feet within three weeks of being at St. James was incredibly advanced by day 15. Additionally, Donald was introduced to an at-home simulation to practice skills in performing his activities of daily living, which included bathing, transfers, dressing, etc.

After achieving continued progress and nearing his much anticipated discharge date home, Mr. Franks shared his experience while at the St. James community. “I’ve been to a lot of rehabs and St. James is #1 in my book. Melanie, April, and Jaime in rehab have helped me get rid of the pain I once had all throughout my body. Since day one, they came in and were able to evaluate me and see my strength and weaknesses. Not one time did they ever push me to do anything I couldn’t do, they always encouraged me and that’s what kept me going. To my nurse Gina, you are a wonderful person and thank you for always making sure I always had my medications on time. My doctor here was also pleasant, always stopping by to make sure I was doing well. My aide, June, always helped with anything I needed, as simple as getting me socks, or grabbing me pepper for my food. At times if I needed help dressing she would do it with no questions asked; she is the best aide in the facility. The Therapeutic Recreation programs at St. James are phenomenal. I always enjoyed Danny’s music, he is such a wonderful person and has a great voice. Christina, the concierge, is a very pleasant girl who always made me feel very relaxed when speaking with her. She always made the best cookies, which I looked forward to every Wednesday. Most importantly, I always loved when she brought in the concierge therapy dog, Louie; he consistently brought joy to my eyes. The concierge, along with all the other team members, truly made this an enjoyable and well-respected experience. Thank you all for the help you’ve given me and treating me with so much kindness and respect.”

On September 29, 2017, Mr. Franks was discharged home with an eager excitement to return to his family, friends, and his cat. Upon discharge, his ambulation increased from 100 feet to 200 feet and he was able to transfer independently achieving his goal. Team St. James is thrilled for Donald and the incredible strides he achieved while under our care. We wish him nothing but the best and an unconditional happy and healthy 2017!