Case Study: St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center (Q4 2022)

Concierge: Ashley Valentin
Patient’s Age: 67 years old
Admission Date: 8/28/22
Discharge Date: 9/28/22
Discharge to: Home
Length of Stay: 31 days
Reason for Stay: Had a fall at home with a right foot fracture
How did this patient hear about St. James? They heard positive things about St. James from friends.

Details of Experience:

Mr. V was admitted to Mather Hospital with right foot pain after a fall at home. His foot hurt so much that he was not able to bear any weight on his right foot. The hospital did some tests and found that his right foot had a fracture. The hospital recommended that he be transferred to a skilled nursing facility. The hospital provided him with a list of skilled nursing facilities that are near his home. He called a couple of his friends that had gone to skilled nursing centers for opinions. One of his friends said, “Go to St. James, the care is wonderful, and they got me back home in no time.”

Within 24 hours, Mr. V met with his physical and occupational therapists for an evaluation. Mr. V was non-weight bearing on his right foot. Non-weight bearing means that for a certain period after injury or surgery, the patient is not allowed to put any weight through the operated or injured limb to allow it to heal. Mr. V’s evaluation showed that he needed 25% assistance to walk and to transfer. He also needed 50% assistance for lower body dressing. Before his fall at home, he was able to do everything independently in the community. The therapists told him that bearing any weight on that right foot may bring setbacks. The therapists explained how they planned to help and reach his goals. Knowing what lies ahead of him, Mr. V was ready to get to work with his therapist.

The therapist gave him different exercises that would strengthen the right leg without putting weight on the foot. While it was difficult, he was encouraged by his therapist, social worker, nurse, and doctor. His care team told him it would be difficult, but they were there for him. Mr. V kept a positive outlook from all the encouragement he was receiving. He began making friends with other residents from the many activities he was going to throughout the week.

A few weeks later, the doctor stated he could bear weight on the right foot, and Mr. V exceeded every goal quickly after the good diagnosis. Two weeks after, he was discharged and able to transfer independently and walk over 250 ft with a rolling walker independently. He was also able to dress independently. 

As the concierge was helping him get ready to discharge, Mr. V stated, “This is a wonderful place to get better. Not just physically but mentally as well. I had so much support and made so many friends. I will always come back.”