Case Study: St. James Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center (August 2017)

Patients Age: 87
Admission Date: June 19, 2017
Admissions From: Stony Brook University Hospital
Discharge Date:
Discharge To: Home
Length of Stay: 80 days
Reason for Stay: Broken Left Hip
How did this person hear about St. James: A Family friend highly recommended St. James to Mrs. Kellner.

Mrs. Audrey Kellner arrived to St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center on June 19, 2017 from an inpatient hospitalization at Stony Brook University Medical Center in Long Island, New York. Mrs. Kellner primarily fractured her right hip a few years back. She arrived to St. James for a left fractured hip; however, she is currently being treated for both legs. Mrs. Kellner has developed severe muscle inflammation from her knees down to her shins and ankles. She was also experiencing slight ongoing pain throughout her legs.

After her successful experience at Stony Brook Hospital, Mrs. Kellner was notified that she would need extensive inpatient rehabilitation to support her range of motion and the ability to ambulate before returning home. A family friend had recommended St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center to Mrs.Kellner; her family friend explained that St. James would be capable of providing her best level of care in the rehabilitation department.

Mrs. Kellner was warmly greeted by multiple professionals of team St. James, whom anticipated her arrival. Within her first 24 hours, she was warmly greeted by the clinical team, therapists, physicians, administrative staff and many other valued members of St. James to welcome her and answer any questions that she or her family may have had. Her physical and occupational therapist, Linda and Nicole, began her therapy at bedside to evaluate her current state of health and mobility in conjunction with her most recent therapy/clinical notes from Stony Brook. During her first week here, her therapists worked on building her strength and alleviating weaknesses in her leg muscles.

Mrs. Kellner quickly graduated to utilizing the parallel bars in the rehabilitation gym with only continued progress to follow as she began to walk using a rolling walker after six days post-admission. While on program, Audrey worked to build her endurance, and is continuing to keep perfecting her techniques. Her goal was to be able to become a more independent, and stable walker. Mrs. Kellner is a wise young woman; she always enlightens young souls around her with great life experiences. She makes it known to always achieve your goals in life. That is why she has come so far with in the last 80 days of rehabilitation, she set a goal for herself and she is accomplishing every task her therapists here at St. James has to offer her, “One day plus one step at a time, is all you need.”

After achieving continued progress and nearing her anticipated discharge date home, Mrs. Kellner had gratefully shared her experience while at St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, “Words cannot describe all the wonderful people that have shown me such kindness, ambition, drive and support. From Linda and Nicole, my outstanding therapists, to Tim, my nurse, who always enters my room with such a positive attitude – always allowing me to know every medication I have to take, I thank you. The team here works so well together and they all have the goal of helping their patients become healthy again. The Urban Zen team always made me feel the happiest, allowing me to return to my happy place, which was when I was younger with my father back in my hometown – it made me feel at peace. The recreational activities always provided me with fun, interactive activities that spark my interests, such as my Communion every Sunday and crafts every week. And last but not least, the Concierge Director at St. James was an experience like any other. Christina is always someone who cares and shows concern for all of us here, she is a beautiful person inside and out, always showing compassion from day one. Thank you all so much for everything. All you need in the healthcare community is kindness, compassion, and knowledge!